What is faith in God?

Hello everybody!! I hope that you are having a wonderful day today.  My wish, is as always, that you may be blessed through this blog site. Today I would like to talk to you about having faith.  Not only faith in yourself, but faith in God.  We all know that in todays world it takes trial and error to succeed in anything.  When we have an idea that we believe will work in a given situation we also have faith in that idea as well.  That seems pretty cut and dried pretty easy to understand right?  When we have faith in our idea we also believe in our idea.

Now we come to the point of this post.  What is faith in God?  It is easy to have faith in ourselves if we have the confidence to do so, but what about God?  I believe that having faith in God is the single most important trait that a Christian needs.  When we give our life over to God and place it in his loving hands we are saying that I trust you with my life.  We have to remember that God is not only your friend, your counselor, your father.  He is also the creator of all things.  He knows everything and everybody.  God also wants the best for you!  To have faith in God we must first become willing.  You might think that your life is going along pretty smoothly.  That there is no major problems.  That you are doing a good job.  That may be the case, but God wants more for you.  Jesus said “I have come that you may have life and life to the fullest”.

Having faith in God equals freedom.  Freedom from worry and burden. We can have faith that when we truly seek we will find him.  He is always there ready and willing to help you through whatever trial you may be facing.  When we admit that we aren’t God, and cant handle those challenges that is a step in faith. God will equip you to do what seems impossible.  The problem with this world is that there are ego’s everywhere.  I am the best…..    Look at what we done……  I can assure you that pride will go before the fall.  The opposite of pride is humility.  That is exactly who Jesus is.  He is a very humble man.  He didn’t boast about anything.  He merely done his fathers will.

Having faith in God is like driving in the fog.  You cant see your destination, but you have this sense of contentment.  Trusting in the creator of the universe for direction in your life is the best decision that you can make. Who better to get advice from.  Trusting God to provide your daily needs is awesome as well.  I have never been let down by God.  He knows what we need before we even ask for it.  Then why ask him?  He wants you to bring your cares, concerns, hurts, disappointments, failures to him.  He also wants to hear about your happiness, your love, your successes, your wins.  He is asking you to do all this in faith. When we rely on God he will come through, just not in our timing.

I believe that when we come to God through prayer and express our love for him.  He is smiling from ear to ear.  He didn’t create us to run around in circles of grief and frustration in our lives.  He created us to know him.  To live by faith and not by sight.  When we are happy he is happy.  When we are sad he is sad.  He is the best father you will ever know only if you the willingness to step out in faith and trust him.  Do you believe that?  How does it make you feel when I say that God loves you?

It takes a daily commitment to trust God.  Are you willing to walk by faith and not by sight?

I want to thank you for coming and taking time to read this post.  I hope that it sparks a desire to know God more. May God Bless You ———your brother in Christ———–Matthew Leiker