Today : It’s all we really have.

Hello everybody!!

I am so glad that you decided to stop by once again. I am also so greatful for the feedback that I’ve received  thus far.  My wishes are as always that your relationship with Jesus continues to strengthen, and that your daily walk with Him become more and more evident. I picture my daily walk with Him much like a child walking with his father. Talking, asking questions, showing respect, and loving.  The more you pray to Jesus the stronger your relationship will get.  Just like getting to know a new friend.  You will get to know their likes and dislikes. It’s the same way with Jesus.  The more you go to him in prayer.  The more you will begin to understand.  Daily scripture reading is a must as well if you want to get to know God.  He talks to us through the scriptures, through other people, and through circumstances. This is one reason I decided to post this.

Today is all we really have.  Do you agree with this?  I don’t know about you, but I can quickly get caught up in the past, or I will be trying to schedule the future.  God doesn’t want us to do any of these.  He wants us to be right here with him.  Right now in the present.  I have a real good friend (sister in Christ) that has always said to stay in today.  Sure I agree that we should use the past as a learned lesson to look back upon only as what to do or not to do in a given situation.  When I think about the past I always see the negative and not the positive.  I think a lot of other people do the same thing.  I know from experience that the devil will use those negative tomes against you.  Then before you know it you are stuck in the past worrying about something that already happened and that you cant change anyway.

The same may be said of the future.  We all lead busy lives.  There is always somewhere to go or someone to see  or something to do. There will always be another deadline to make or another impossible schedule to keep.  I know if I focus on these thing for very long I can be scheduled clear into the next month.  Providing everything goes the way I want it to go.  Did you catch that?  The way I plan it to go.  Where is Jesus in these plans?  What about His plans for you?  Who’s plans are more important?  You see, that by dwelling in the past or dreaming about the future plans there is no room for Jesus.  It is filled full of you.  When I catch myself projecting plans into the future I have to realize that nobody has guaranteed me that I will even wake up tomorrow.  So the only real time we have is right now in the present.  Don’t you agree?

So it is real imperative that I make valuable use out of the time that I have been given today. It may be your last. I choose to walk close to Jesus today.  I choose to pray to him throughout the day.  First to thank him for what he has given to me, and next for the strength, wisdom, and knowledge to carry me through the rest of this day.  Everybody is gifted the same way.  We only have this one day to do with it what we want to.  Psalm 118 : 24 says “This is the day that the Lord has made . We will rejoice and be glad in it. My question for you is: What do you plan to do with the time that God has given to you today?  Will you spend it worrying about things that are out of your control?  Will you spend it doing your will instead of God’s?  Will you spread the Gospel message?  The choice is yours.  I know you will make the right one.  If you don’t remember that you can go to God in prayer anytime and ask his guidance.

Thank You All ————- May God Bless You Richly—————————————————-Your Brother in Christ————————-Matthew Leiker

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