Our Spiritual Journey – Begins with you.

I want to welcome everybody to my new blog site called Our Spiritual Journey.  Believe it or not you are the most important person here. I would like to start out by giving a description of what this site is about, and how it can help you. This site is dedicated to your spiritual health and wellness. It will also help you grow and mature in your spiritual walk, and will ultimately help you develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.  Everything points to His sovereignty, healing power, and your transformation.

Spirituality is basically the essence of your spirit.  The spirit that he placed in you or will place in you.  Getting in touch with the God of all creation is what I define spirituality as.  This is why I call it a journey.  Have you ever sensed that something was, or has always been missing in your life?  You can sense it, but you just cant put your finger on it.  No matter what you do there is an emptiness.  I have felt that way early in life.  Before I came to know Jesus.

God created us to know Him, and to have a relationship with Him.  He loves us with a love that we cant even possibly comprehend.  Don’t get me wrong we know how to love just not on his scale.  He loved us so much that he sent his one and only son to die for our sins.  He loves us so much that he even knows the number of hairs on your head.  He created us in his image.  So you see it is only natural that he would want to spend time with us.  Just as we would our children.  I can understand that it is a lot to take in right now, but it is the truth.  Let that truth sink into your very being.  God Loves You!!

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you have done, if you accept Him or not.  He loves you.  This world teaches if you hurt me I will hurt you back.  If you cheated me I will make you pay.  Jesus teaches to love your brother as you love yourself.  To love your enemies.  To go that extra mile when you are wore out.  To give with a thankful heart.  To humble yourself. To serve and not be served. These ways are totally against the way the world operates.  We can only do these things with Jesus’ help.  This is why I created this site.  To tell the world who Jesus is, and how the can get to know him.  Praise God for the power of technology!

As you have seen in the menu bar there are different pages and posts.  I update them regularly. The posts about every other day.  Please feel free to make yourself at home here.  My wish is that everyone may come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  I will address different topics and questions.  There will be different links to different stores where you can find some cool stuff, and books that you can purchase to deepen your knowledge.  You can get to know me at the About Me page.  There is a “It Your Decision” page.  I recommend reading all these pages.  They will help you in starting Your Spiritual Journey!

Feel free to email me at:  smleiker785@gmail.com ——————–Your Brother in Christ———————-Matthew Leiker

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