Is spiritual warfare real? The unseen war.

Hello everyone!  I hope that all of you are doing great, and in good health.  Today’s post has to do with something most of us know about all to well, and that is spiritual warfare.  This war can be attributed as the unseen war.  The battleground is in our mind.  It is often known as our conscious.

We were all born with a basic sense of what is right and what is wrong.  We have to remember that we were also born with a sin nature in us.  God created us for his glory, to glorify him, in everything with our lives.  We are all sinners, but we also want to do good at the same time.

This can be better described as the “good angel” on one shoulder and the “bad angel” on the other.  Like we see in cartoons sometimes. They are fighting for your mind. Don’t you agree?

If it was only that simple.  We could just smash the bad angel and all would be well.  It just don’t work that way.  That brings us to the focus of this post.  Is spiritual warfare real?  The answer to that question is YES!  It is a lot bigger of a topic than one may think.  There is a lot at stake here namely your destiny.  Your eternal home will be defined as well.

There are two forces at work here Good and Evil.

God created the universe and everything in it for good.  The Devil is out to destroy what God created.  God cant stand him and the Devil cant stand God.  You may be thinking ,”What does this have to do with me?” It has everything to do with you. You were masterfully and wonderfully created by the creator of the universe.  There is no one like you , and there will never be another one like you.  Do you believe this?  Out of all the people before and after us you are the only YOU!!

When Jesus came to this Earth to die for your sins and mine the battle was won.  Death and sin were conquered!  Sure we are all going to die.  That is the physical death.  Eternal life awaits after.  Like I stated in my previous post.  We will go to Heaven with God or Hell with The Devil.  The Devil knows he has been beat.  So he is going to do everything in his power to trip up your walk with God.  So you see that this is no laughing matter.  It is very serious and very real.  Jesus commands us “to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.”  The Devil isn’t capable of love.  His task is to cause pain, grief, division.

Everything good and trustworthy comes from God.  The Devil hates this.  He wants to ruin all of our lives.  Sometimes it is with money, popularity, and fame.  Sometimes it with alcohol, drugs, violence, and divorce.  His voice is the one that hate and malice is born of and murder is his victory.   He is the one that is speaking ever quietly in your ear about how much of a failure you are.  How you aren’t good enough.  How you don’t deserve something.

You are Royalty!!

Let me tell you something.  You are ROYALTY!  Don’t let this slip from your mind.  You might be living a life that doesn’t portray this.  You may say and do things that are not pleasing to God, but there is hope!  This is when you turn your life around and start living a life for God.

Believe me when the Devil see’s that you aren’t living for him anymore he will come with his best game.  He is going to try to trip you up at every turn.  Trust me when I say that when you call on the name of Jesus and ask for his help.  The Devil will run from you like a scared little child.  There is Power in the name of Jesus!!

Death could not hold him.  Your situation isn’t to big for him.  He is standing at the door of your heart right now waiting to help you with everything.  The war is very real, and I implore you right now to turn to the one who restores, forgives, loves, and who is trustworthy.  He already knows everything about you he created you.  There is no reason to be embarrassed, or ashamed.  There is nothing to fear.  Giving my life over to Jesus was the best thing I ever done.  Please don’t wait another minute go to him in prayer now.  He is ready and willing to restore you.

You will find a prayer on the page labeled “It’s Your decision”  this is known as the sinners prayer.  I poured out my heart to Jesus in a prayer similar to that one when I was saved.  When You pray that prayer you will feel The Holy Spirit in you.  Don’t waste time my friend!

Thank You for reading this Post.  Please leave me a comment below ,or you can email me if you have questions:

Your Brother in Christ,    Matthew

2 thoughts on “Is spiritual warfare real? The unseen war.

  1. I know for certain that spiritual warfare is for real. When I want to do something good, there is always an evil suggesting the opposite. That’s why I need the Holy Spirit to guide me. Am I a good person? I can safely say I need a savior!

  2. Very inspirational. I can tell you definitely stand behind your words. Keep sharing and keep the faith, brother!

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