You are one of God’s many blessings!

Hello everyone!!  I am glad that you took time to visit once again.  I don’t know about you, but I am feeling totally blessed on this awesome Saturday.  My hope for you is the same.  I want to let you in on a little secret.  You may know a lot of people who think that they are better than you or others.  Nobody is superior to another.  We are all equal in God’s eyes.  You are one of God’s many blessings!

Sure, everybody has unique talents and abilities.  They all come from the same place from God himself.  God created you in the same manner as he created the president.  God has given gifts to you, uniquely and especially designed for you, to use to glorify him.  These gifts are looked over most of the time.  Someone might feel that they are especially good at listening to others.  They think that it is no big deal. A lot of people are great listeners.  That may be the case, but maybe they never thought twice about why the are always finding themselves in situations where they need to use that gift.  Coincidence?

I don’t think so. I don’t believe in coincidence.  I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason.  Before I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior I used to think that I was just drifting through life with no real purpose or real direction.  I have come to find out that isn’t the case at all.

There is purpose and meaning to your life.

We are all of equal value to God!  You might ask how much am I worth? I don’t feel very worthy right now.  Well my friend you are priceless in Gods eye’s!  If you would refer to the book of Genesis God created man from the dust of the Earth, and  women from one of the man’s ribs.  Now answer me a question.  If God created you from the dust of the Earth, how is it that you can see, touch, feel, comprehend?  Think about a human brain.  If you ask me it a blob of mush, but with it we can do all things.  That points to God’s power and abilities.  You see God chose to create you!  It didn’t just happen randomly.  God predestined you and all that you are to do in this life.  You have to remember that we are not robots though.

We are not programed with files and all that.  Everything is learned.  We also have free will.  What is free will?  Simply put free will is the ability to choose the path in life that we want to take.  That is another gift from God by the way.  He loves us so much that he lets us live our lives the way we want to live them.  For the good or the bad.  One of my abilities is that I can finish concrete.  I can and do use that gift to glorify him.  I am a great listener as well.  I use that gift to show God’s compassion his love to others through just simply listening.  What are your unique gifts?  Has God given a gift that is obvious to you that you use all the time?  My advise to you is to use that gift to Glorify God!!  If you don’t think that you have any gifts go to God in prayer and ask him to reveal them to you!!

Dear Heavenly Father,

My prayer is that you would reveal the unique gifts that you have for each of the readers here as they seek your direction.  I humbly ask my Lord that The Holy Spirit would come into each of their hearts and let them know how much they are loved by you!  I pray that they are maturing in their individual love relationship with you.  I also ask that you would make plain your will for each person who reads this.  Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer!!

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6 thoughts on “You are one of God’s many blessings!

  1. Norman

    I love this post and you are so right in what you have said, we are all equal in God’s eye sight, no matter the back ground, the color or how much money we have even if we don’t have any, our race or our talent or what ever it maybe we are the same in God’s sight or as some said at he cross we stand on equal ground and this is true. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

    • Thank You for sharing Norman. I would appreciate it greatly if you would share tis site to your friends. May you have a very blessed day!!

  2. Anthony

    Hey there,
    This is a great perspective on life that anybody experiencing trouble should consider.
    You should always feel as if someone is with you in every moment of your life.
    With everything you do, you walk with the spirit of all the things that you represent.
    Praise life and whatever you believe

    • Matthew

      Thank You for your comment Anthony!! Well received.

  3. Chris Towers

    I think you have some good advice here and i believe in one thing. We are all here for a reason.

    I agree we all face different challenges in life, some people will be rich and some people not. Others will have important roles in the world where others may not as much.

    Whatever it is it is, but we are all important to ourselves and our families.

    i believe if we go through life doing good then we will be accepted by God at the end. Live your life to the full, do what you can and be a good person. Nobody can ask for more than this!

    Nice reading here!

    Thank you!


    • Matthew

      Chris– Thank you for your review.

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