Commandment 8 – You shall not steal

Hello everyone!  Thank You all for visiting once again.  I am always glad when you drop by.  As always the purpose of these posts are to bring you closer to Jesus Christ.  My hope is that you may know Him as your Lord and Savior.  Psalm 118:24 says, “This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  I love that verse.  Especially waking up early in the morning before sunrise.  I sometimes sit on my porch right before daybreak.  The birds are starting to sing, and the dawn of a new day is about ready to unfold.  It reminds me of God’s blessings that are made new daily, and his provision that he bestows on us as well.  God knows what we need before we even ask him.  Why is it that we have a hard time asking God for what we need?

As you all know, we have been working through a ten part series on The Ten Commandments, and how they apply in our daily lives.   Commandment 8 –  You shall not steel.   As I stated in the question at the top.  If we know that God will provide for our daily needs, and that he knows what we need before we even ask him.  Why do we have a hard time asking Him?  We should always go to God with all our needs.  The problem lies in the “wish list prayer.”  We sometimes misconstrue what is a want and what is a need.  I have found myself doing this as well.  Our prayer time with God ends up talking to him like he is Santa Claus, and when we don’t get the stuff we ask for we might take matters into our own hands.

This is where a person might be tempted to steel.  God said, ” You shall not steel.  If you haven’t noticed God ended that commandment with a period.  That means it is final.  What He says goes.  When God says something we need to trust and obey.  Here are some reasons I believe that people use to justify steeling. They steel because they think something was owed to them.  They steel because they desire something.  They think it will bring them happiness.  They steel out of necessity.  Some people steel other people’s identity.  They want to create a new identity.  There are many other reasons people steel.  The list can go on and on.

We have to get to the underlying cause of why people steel.  Have you heard it said, ” The devil made me do it?”  Well, it sounds like a logical reason, and almost believable.  The devil cant make you do anything.  He will tempt you in all ways, but he cant make you do anything.  I think people break this commandment  because the fail to trust in God, and his provision for their daily lives.  They think they deserve more. They live out of greed and envy.  We need to pray for these people.  We are exactly where God wants us to be in this life.  Nothing in Gods world happens by mistake.  Do you believe this?

You may be thinking, “I work three times as hard as they do why are they on easy street and I am in the poor house?”  Trust in God.  He has you right where he wants you.  If you are being tempted to dishonor God by steeling He will provide a way out for you.  He will never allow you to be tempted beyond what you can bear with his help.  So at that moment of temptation go to God and ask His help.

Some other advise is to not place yourself in those tempting spots.  Take the high road, and keep your eyes fixed on  Jesus.  There has not been a time in my life that my needs weren’t provided for.  I didn’t always get what I wanted, but I gat what I needed.   Trust in God, and he will lift you up!  We have to realize that we are talking about the creator of all things.  All things are possible through Christ Jesus!  Have FAITH!!!

When we are tempted to steel we should give something we have away to someone else, and we should not give into the devils lies.  God said not to.  It’s better that we listen to Him than ourselves or the devil.

Thank You for sharing this time with me.  I hope you come back!!    Your Brother in Christ——————————————-Matthew J. Leiker